They built the world's first real-time, electronic, general-purpose, digital computer. They called it Whirlwind.  Edward R. Morrow called them “Unusual…and gifted.” The rest of us have yet to thank them for making the world go digital for the very first time. 

2019 is the 70th anniversary (1949-2019) of the Bright Boys pinging off that first binary bit out into the world. It was a beginning that changed everything. Few believed in them...or their strange new technology. We do now.

Tom Green and Taylor & Francis are proud to publish The Untold Story of Everything Digital, which takes up the critical years of innovation and development 1946-1956, when there was less then a megabyte of RAM on the entire planet...and it all belonged to the bright boys.

Please join us for this incredible adventure when a band of misfit engineers, led by MIT's Jay Forrester and Bob Everett, birthed the digital revolution. The bright boys were the first to imagine an electronic landscape of computing machines and digital networks, and the first to blaze its high-tech trails.


Tom Green

The Beginning That Changed Everything

Bright Boys, Revisited by Tom Green

Eldon Hall, builder of the Apollo Guidance Computer (ACG), had first experience with digital computing with Whirlwind, later incorporating Forrester's magnetic-core memory discovery into the ACG's rope core memory system.

Based on & Inspired by the Amazon Best Seller: Bright Boys: The Making of Information Technology: 1938-1958 by Tom Green

The Untold Story of Everything Digital

New Book , Fall 2019