Misfits who birthed the digital revolution

They were the first to imagine an electronic landscape of computing machines and digital networks, and the first to blaze its high-tech trails. Both dreamers and doers, theirs was a beginning that changed everything. They thought thoughts that no one had ever conceived, hobnobbed with levels of complexity totally alien to others around them, and built a machine the like of which mankind had never seen.

Through skill and force of will they forged, from barely nothing at all,

a place for themselves in history called Information Technology, without which there are no trips to the Moon, no sequencing of genomes, no Internet, and no GPS-guided jaunts to grandma’s house. Today, some sixty years on, they still reach out to us with their marvelous stories of trial and triumph here in the pages of Bright Boys.

There’s much more to be learned from such hardy adventurers. Insight, gut instinct, and dogged persistence are still the favored currencies of high-tech innovation. And so Bright Boys looks back at these wonderful misfits and their ingenious feats of technology in order that we may learn more from their inspired tinkerings, their visionary ways of problem solving, and the grand vistas they opened for future pioneers.

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To get you acquainted with Bright Boys here is Jay's foreword to the book plus two chapters. Enjoy. 

Daring Young Men and Their Computing Machine 

Their names are unfamiliar to most, but not their genius, which resides in every computer, tablet, Smartphone and digital network, and today faithfully serves our information needs anytime, anywhere in the world...or anywhere out of this world as well.