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It would be must-see TV for anyone who either or both depends on or just enjoys the digital technology that these bright boys risked so much to create. That makes just about all of us!

They had persistence.
In 1946 the bright boys should have had better sense than to risk what was left of their youth and careers on what everyone sniggered about as a fool’s quest: the electronic digital computer.

Wasn’t being dragged mercilessly through the Great Depression and then forced to endure the daily terror of World War II enough for one lifetime?

Couldn’t they just agree with Harry Truman’s campaign slogan, “We’ve never had it so good,” and enjoy the “so good”?

Were they gold diggers for post-war, government contracts…or just plain crazy?

Thankfully, they persisted. They gave us the future, and then some.

I hope to be as persistent.

Thanks so much for your time and patience

with Bright Boys.


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